April 2022 Meeting- (a) Taking a Fresh Look at Arbitration Case Management Techniques and (b) Mixed Mode Task Force,

Thursday, April 28, 2022 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM

Event Location: Zoom
Taking a Fresh Look at Arbitration Case Management Techniques, and will include brief presentations by Edna Sussman, Klaus Peter Berger, Alex de Gramont, Mark Morril, Tom Stipanowich, Debbie Masucci and Kathleen Paisley, who will provide us with their insights on various case management tools, including arbitrators encouraging mediation windows, presenting preliminary views, presiding over Kaplan Openings, engaging in med-arb, communicating with the mediator, use of a process facilitator, and enforcement issues. It is expected that a significant portion of the session will be devoted to a discussion of these tools with the members attending. We will also explore the work done in this area by the Mixed Mode Task Force, a joint project of the College of Commercial Arbitrators, the Straus Institute, and the International Mediation Institute released in November 2021. Articles about each of the working groups in the Mixed Mode Task Force are available at https://nysba.org/new-york-dispute-resolution-lawyer-vol-14-no-1/, and the reports of the Mixed Mode Task force are available at https://imimediation.org/about/who-are-imi/mixed-mode-task-force/.