Club Meeting - July 2024 - Witness Gating; & What else do you do?

Tuesday, July 23, 2024 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM

Event Location: Zoom & Baker McKenzie

Our first speaker will be our fellow member, James Hosking, who will lead a discussion on "witness gating," the practice of an arbitral tribunal's limiting or eliminating witness testimony. The discussion may also touch on other techniques to limit hearing evidence, such as the non-examination of a witness who has submitted a witness statement, restrictions on the scope or duration of cross- examination, and documents-only arbitrations.  

Our second speaker will be our fellow member, David Martowski, in our series, “What Else Do You Do?" on other lives of our members apart from their involvement in international arbitration. David, a distinguished maritime arbitrator, will talk to us about his early career as a “narc” for the Drug Enforcement Administration including tales of drug “busts and buys,” and related activities in parts of New York City seldom frequented by member(s) of this Club, at least for the same purpose.