Take The Witness: Cross Examination in International Arbitration - Second Edition

November 14, 2019

Take The Witness provides commentary, analysis and answers to questions dealing with the legal framework and technique of Cross-Examination (including the basic "do's and don’ts" of questioning), as well as its practical application in the international arbitration setting. The differences between traditional common law courtroom cross-examination and arbitration cross-examination are explained by practitioners expert in the Anglo-American tradition; meanwhile, authors from non-common law countries also give their perspective on the utility and proper scope of cross-examination.

Topical coverage includes:

-Key topics in international disputes, such as cross-examining on documents, or cross-examining witnesses who speak a different language arbitration) are covered, as are current-day issues such as cross-examining via video link.
-The chapters dealing with technique cover both questioning of ordinary witnesses as well as the rules and techniques for cross-examining expert witnesses (including technical, quantum and legal experts).
-Special subject areas within international arbitration (e.g. investor-state arbitration) are covered in depth.
-In addition, unique cultural issues that often arise in international arbitration (e.g. cross-examination in Asia-seated arbitration, Latin American cases, and in arbitrations involving witnesses from the former Soviet Union) are discussed by senior practitioners with experience in the field.