Investor State Arbitration in a Changing World Order

Alexander W. Resar and Tai-Heng Cheng

June 3, 2021

From the preface:

“in order for investor state arbitration to thrive as an effective global system of dispute resolution … the deeper normative concerns of the political movements against it must be addressed. Domestic constituents will continue to exert pressure on elected officials to reject investor state arbitration unless the foreign investment that this system is designed to promote leads to wealth and well being for broad populations and not only business elites.” 

 Introduction: The Intertwined Fates of the Liberal Order and Investor-State Arbitration 
 Part 1: The Development of Investor-State Arbitration 
 Part 2: Contextualizing the Backlash against Investor-State Arbitration 
 Part 3: Reforming Investor-State Arbitration 
 Conclusion: The Future of Investor State Arbitration