Peter Bekker

December 4, 2023

Arbitration of International Disputes in New York by Dr. Peter Bekker is the first, and most up-to-date, book about international arbitration in New York written by a single author with a dual background as a law professor and a practitioner. The book celebrates New York as a leading hub for international arbitration.

It is designed to serve as both an introductory source-book and a toolkit for crafting arbitration clauses that are meant to be enforceable and supportive of arbitration of international business disputes in New York. It is intended to be of practical value to practicing lawyers, including attorneys, in-house corporate counsel, and adjudicators (arbitrators and judges), interested or involved in international arbitration and related proceedings in New York. It is not designed to be an all-encompassing treatise describing federal or New York arbitration law in exhaustive detail.

The first part of the book, comprising ten compact chapters, describes the salient points of international arbitration in New York, presented in a sequence to facilitate readers’ ease of understanding. The discussion of topics has been condensed and deliberately kept straightforward so as not to confuse the reader for whom this book may be an initial introduction to international arbitration. The book includes extensive references to the leading cases and literature sources. 

The second part is dedicated to contractual arbitration clauses for use in the arbitration of international disputes in New York. It includes a brief discussion of various clause elements (divided into core/highly-recommended/facultative categories) as well as defective clauses, and provides an explanation of their shortcomings, along with suggested language designed to make them effective, the objective being to help the reader avoid common mistakes in drafting that could threaten to make an arbitration clause ineffective or even unenforceable in practice.